School development

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Choose the socially intelligent way forward with learning at its center to achieve excellence and wellbeing in your organisation

Invest in cost effective in-house school development with educational coaching and work towards a culture of coaching and learning at your school.

Develop the coaching mindset in your teachers to improve the learning for your students.
Uses incisive performance management to build a sustainable staff culture of coaching and learning that:

  • Encourages, challenges and supports teachers improvement
  • Creates a climate in which teachers are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate
  • Is agile and adaptable to policy changes
  • Can target school development areas (from recent Ofsted’s)
  • Encourages leadership development
  • Welcomes appraisal
  • Links teacher CPD to success and happiness in the workplace
  • Embraces collaboration
  • Cascades into improved student learning.
  • Improves talent retention

A sustainable culture of coaching and learning

My aim is to create with you a whole school consistent ethos where all staff share what works well, where they are happy to learn through reflection and are motivated to try out new approaches and ideas in the classroom.

It’s my belief that by introducing coaching as a way of communicating Coaching can help to embed a culture of excellence and improvement across a whole organisation.

Developing a coaching mindset can have a significant impact on influencing transformational change as part of planned continuing professional development focus or where policy changes require organisational and curriculum reform.

Working with a coach

Helping relationships are key to success at each phase of the cycle of change, these relationship may include friends, family and the coach. The coach knows that change is not usually welcomed and is often tricky and difficult for to manage. The coach also knows that everyone can learn and that the more we accept that change just ‘is’ the easier it becomes to access our resources and enjoy learning.

Working with resistance

Becoming aware of and learning to work with our resistances to change  is a key part of coaching. The work of the coach help gather your driving forces so they might outweigh the resisting forces so real change has a good chance.

Benefits to the coachee

The coach helps to orientate and support you through each stage of the  cycle of change. Helping to move from one to the other with the awareness of the the pitfalls and the resources needed at each point.

This might begin with:

  • Raising your awareness to the self-defeating defences that are getting in the way
  • Helping you to understand your problematic behaviour
  • Being a great motivator that helps you look towards your future self
  • Meeting your challenging leap forward with the kind of creative support you need
  • Ongoing support as your new changing self finds itself and defines itself over time
  • Ongoing support and encouragement in times of ‘one step back two steps forward’
  • Helping to assimilate the process so that experiences can become life skills