Mind mapping is a device often used in coaching. This is because it helps us connect together scattered thoughts. It helps to reveal thinking patterns and bring order to our complex life situations. But if we creatively develop these simple word maps we bring powerful energy into the mix. Therefore Inspirational Mind Mapping connects us to the creative in us.

How we think is very important if we want to move forward. Because knowing how we think is a more useful and holistic understanding. This kind of understanding connects with more of us and makes sense. This is what we call the coaching moment. When we experience how things fit together we feel inspired. It is this Inspirational energy that drives the change process in us.

                                              Karen Root’s mind map illustrated by Julian Brunt

Creatively transforming a word mind map into an Inspirational Mind Map does two important things for us. Firstly it illuminates the question into a dynamic of interconnectedness. Secondly, this illuminated dynamic becomes understood as an integrated part of how we think.

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