A creative and qualified coach with experience in the classroom

My work as a coach utilises many of the skills I gather as artist, teacher, sports coach and father. The passion I have for encouraging creative self-expression and helping them move forwards underpins what I do.

My time studying coaching at Cambridge allowed me to meet some remarkable life coaches from all areas of the profession. The eclectic nature of the course was a balance of academic research and practical coaching challenges. Such experiences have augmented my approach and encouraged me to continue my research into effective coaching in times of change.

As the child looks out upon the world with wide, uncritical undemanding innocent eyes, simply noting and observing what is the case, without either arguing the matter or demanding that it be otherwise, so does the self-actualizing person tend to look upon human nature in himself and in others.

30 years teaching art and the creative process to children, young people and adults has helped form my particular style to coaching and given my approach to coaching its creative structure and range. My professional engagement as teacher, mentor and coach, encouraging the learning of all ages and developmental stages continues to inspired and convinced me to strive to be a lifelong learner with all its challenges and rewards. Working with both boys and girls youth football teams as a coach and trainer now for more than 25 years is as much about giving young people agency and growing their team thinking as it is about kicking footballs. As a father of four boys aged 2, 12, 23 and 28, i am still happily involved in bringing along the next generations. I still teach and have children in education so I empathise with students and parents, teachers and administrators as they work to make the most out of education. This understanding for the struggles and pressures to do the very best possible and succeed in a quickly changing world underpins the work I do with schools and colleges.


Founder of 360 Educational Coaching, Tonbridge UK
Coach for education: coaching, consulting, mentoring and whole school development in Kent and the South East.
Cambridge University Diploma in coaching
Directed by Keith Nelson. Working with the Queen’s Young Leaders Program.
Founder of JSB Coaching. Zurich, Switzerland
Specialising in education. Inset, CPU and coaching individuals and groups in European international schools.
Cognitive coaching advanced trained – Education Across Frontiers. Genoa, Italy
Whole school head of art. Inter-Community School Zurich Switzerland
IB world school. 850 students. 4 to 18 Co Educational, International, Independent, Non academically exclusive.
Head of primary and middle school art. Inter-Community School Zurich Switzerland
MYP and PYP. 650 students. 4 to 16 Co Educational, International, Independent, Non academically exclusive.
Bath University Studied MA in International Education. Creativity in Education.
Feuervogel Outdoor Education. Setting up forest kindergartens and providing CPD. Workshop leader and president.
Artist. Studios in Salisbury UK. San Gimignano Italy. Brunnen Uster and Zurich Switzerland, Tonbridge UK
Exhibitions in Salisbury, London, Totnes, Exeter, Florence, Zurich, Zug, Milan, Schwyz
Manchester Metropolitan University. BA Hons 3D design. Wood, metal, ceramic, glass