360º coaching for schools, teachers and students

I provide personal coaching conversations and bespoke school support services aimed at inspiring learners and transforming education spaces

360 Educational Coaching aims to transform. Experienced and agile in its use of proven and emerging coaching methods, 360 Educational Coaching’s strength is its creative innovative and integrative approach. Presently there are three coaching areas that are covered, each designed to meet different coaching needs.

Youth Coaching provides the young learners with coaching conversations and mentoring support aimed at developing the agency and capacity to cope, to be resilient and to be confident when making choices.

Coaching for Teachers aims to meet both the personal and profession needs of those on the front line with conversations and support that tackles issues from classroom management, personal development and conflict resolution to concerns about burnout.

Whole School Development aims to create working partnerships that are able to evolve and drive medium and long term developmental goals. 360 Educational Coaching provides support for those in administration who are committed to sustainable school improvement. Structured conversations lead to bespoke solutions that range from data collection audits, facilitating team planning conversations (e.g in response to Ofsted or ISI inspection reports) developing and leading workshops and tracking learning development. From a foundation of its strengths the school and its community are coached to move forward towards excellence by creating an enthusiastic and agile learning culture. 360 Educational Coaching is effective in the short term and transforms the experiences of the individual and the success of the organisation. // 360 Educational Coaching is not only effective in the short term but becomes an embedded disposition demonstrated by the individual and then to define the organisation.

Julian Somers Brunt
Cambridge University qualified
25 years of leading in education
Association for Coaching

Youth coaching and mentoring

Individual coaching and mentoring for young people in the Kent area who might feel overwhelmed by the stresses and anxieties of school and or home life. Choose a DBS checked, experienced coach that is empathetic with the adventure of growing up.

  • Building confidence
  • Exam preparation
  • Career choices
  • Setting/achieving goals
  • Peer issues
  • Stress management
  • University preparation
  • Time management
  • Healthy choices
  • Interviews
  • Home
  • Relationships

Coaching for teachers

coaching for teachers Individual coaching for teachers. Enjoy online or face to face conversations that can make a difference to your professional and home life. Choose a qualified coach who understands the challenging world of teaching.

  • Setting/achieving goals
  • Stress management
  • Classroom management
  • Burnout
  • Exit teaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Healthy choices
  • Rustout

School development

school development and coaching Bespoke, in-house school development. Create achievable collaboratively inspired plans aimed at realising a sustainable culture of  excellence and wellbeing in your organisation. Choose the socially intelligent way forward with learning at its center.

  • Inset
  • CPD
  • Developmental plans
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consultations
  • Staff retention
  • Audits
  • Chair meetings
  • Conflict resolution
  • Staff exit
  • Report analysis

Interactive guide defining coaching.

Pre order your copy today by sending a mail to: jsb@educationalcoach.uk “Insights Into Effective Coaching” equipped me some hands on tools I could immediately apply at my workplace.   It demystified the role as a coach, painted a picture of what good coaching could...

Inspirational Mind Mapping meets Coaching

If you are interested in learning more about Inspirational Mind Mapping or see this a valuable way of being coached contact 360 Educational Coaching. jsb@educationalcoach.uk

Coaching, the healthy option.

The various helping professions that serve our psychological needs are diversifying. In order to meet the challenges we face in these times of accelerating change and complexity even the healthy mind is gaining valuable support from the professional.
It is generally agreed that it is wise to look after our mental health with a good life balance. A clear understanding of how the helping professions operate and the kind support available to us can help us respond quickly in these unsettled times to ensure we and our loved ones stay safe and successful.

"Julian is a wonderful person. He gets people. And he knows how to ask the right questions."
Patrick A. Koller CMO & DIO Franke Coffee Systems
"As my coach, Julian has made a huge difference in my professional and personal life. I have known Julian since 2015 through the University of Cambridge, where we were students together. Since graduating, Julian has coached me in person and via Skype. His insight, razor-sharp wit and empathetic, caring nature makes him a truly unique and inspiring coach. Best of all Julian is challenging when it’s needed and always supportive. If you want have breakthroughs and achieve real results, hire Julian as your coach."
Miroslav Reljic, Founder & CEO, Reljic Coached
"Julian – you are an amazingly intuitive and emotionally mature coach."
Brajesh Bajpai. Global Head of Marketing & Segments. Vodafone Group